Super Mario Bros: The Revenge of the Koopa Troop

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Super Mario Bros: The Revenge of the Koopa Troop

Post by Ludwig von Koopa on Wed Mar 04, 2015 2:56 pm

Well, since all levels from SMBTROTK are gone, witchking666 and I decided to make a new episode (this time with 1.3).

Grass: Larry
Desert: Morton
Water/Beach: Wendy
Forest: Petey Piranha
Ice: Lemmy
Food: Bowser Jr.
Cave: King Boo
Mountains: Kammy Koopa
Sky: Roy
Ghost: Kamek
Space: Iggy
Tech: Ludwig
Lava: Bowser, the almighty Koopa King

The Team:
-Ludwig von Koopa

Level Designers:
-Ludwig von Koopa
-request pending
-request pending

Beta Testers:
-Ludwig von Koopa (Mario)
-MECHDRAGON777 (Rosalina)
-DarkMecha (Luigi)
-RoundPiplup (Toad)
-Exiled Bowser (Yoshi)

GFX Designers

Video Recorders

Logo Designer

For the level designers:
-Please send your level to both of us and give it a unique name.
-Please ask permission to use a specific tileset, background or music, we only use them 1 time (except one of them is a forest and the other a grass level).
-The level has to end with a star.
-The level must fit in the world it's in.
-Please use Mario NPC's only, things like a ''devil goomba'' are allowed too.
-If you finish a level, just send us.
-Don't make your level too long (between 3 and 6 minutes), there are 130 levels in the game.
Ludwig von Koopa
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Smb3 Bob omb

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