This Level Has Extended Castle Graphics (CC9, 21st place)

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This Level Has Extended Castle Graphics (CC9, 21st place)

Post by RudeGuy on Thu Mar 05, 2015 3:54 pm

This level was used in CC9 and got an average score of 7.21/10.

Screenshots (Some tiles are missing because I didn't bother fixing the mask):


21. Christian07 - This Level Has Extended Castle Graphics - 6.55/10

    Bomber57 (7.25/10)

      Keep up your attention! This was a pretty nice SMB1 castle level. It had some difficulty issues at points, but was pretty solid. The boss was hard unless you had a fire flower, and the same could be said for the first aquatic section. Poor obstacle and enemy placement was also an issue. At one point you had two spinies, a paragoomba, a fire bar, and a venus fire trap all near each other.

    Chad (7.5/10)

      Wow, the design is pretty polished in this one! The uneven and complex layout is really effective for tricky enemy placement and jumps, and that's exactly what this level does. Great use is made of fences, firebars, extra effective Hammer Bros placement, line platforms, and a generally wide variety of SMB1 enemies. What impressed me most in this level is how deliberate every part of the layout seems to be, because the level manages to have optimal challenge in most areas. At least, usually. There are some isolated incidents that I felt were a bit much, like the cramped space around the 1up (and how touching the edge of the ground counts as lava due to its height), the surprise Firebar next to Section 2's Hammer Bro (it's right where you need to rush to in order to avoid it while being just outside the camera until you get there), some excess firebars at the end of the first underwater section, and the boss is basically "rush through and take a hit to win". But overall, I really liked the difficulty and structure of the level. Even the issues I pointed out aren't really serious (except perhaps for Bowser), and they're still doable. Good work on this.

    Quill (7/10)

      Interesting level. It's a little on the lengthy side and some elements are repeated a bit, but the variety is still pretty cool. The sections with the climable net were pretty fun. The boss is hard to get past since the gap is so narrow and there's also a firebar there too.

    TNTtimelord (6.2/10)

      The text boxes have some pretty amusing things to say. The last one also says LIES.Anyways, I can safely say you were not being very nice to the player when you made this level. It has a lot of VERY difficult aspects to it but it's also fair enough to where it doesn't get super frustrating. The spaces throughout the castle tend to be rather cramped in several areas. The platforms were a nice touch, but the lines have a slight bit of cutoff on them. I find it impossible to keep a powerup when you try to pass Bowser at the end, and I think that's a really stupid flaw.

    zlakerboy357 (8.1/10)

      Great SMB1 castle level! I loved the atmosphere here as the level has alot of decoration. The design was non-linear and pretty fun. Some parts was too narrow like the first underwater section and a bit tricky. I really dislike the idea of having firebars underwater and riding platforms all the way is kinda boring. Otherwise great job!

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