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FanofSMBX Graphics Pack 1.3

Post by FanofSMBX on Sat Apr 11, 2015 12:28 am

Here it is! Every graphic I've ever made!
If you want a screenshot of something that isn't screenshotted, just tell me!
This is 9 megabytes! That's a lot of graphics!
WARNING: Some unique graphics I've made are in the Packs. If you want to view everything I've made, be sure to look through them!
These graphics have been in episodes like:
SMBX: Bowser's Infernal Kingdom
Boss Rush series
Yoshi's Island X
Bowser's Trap
Mario Time Revived
Mario and Luigi: The Galactican Wars
The Koopalings Are Back! 2
Super Spongy Star Expedition
SMBX: Bowser's Infernal Kingdom PREQUEL
The Attack of Dark Yoshi
Super Mario New Adventures

LOADS of LunaDLL stuff - Stuff is added such as SMW Dino Rhino, SMW 3 Hits Pipe Lemmy and SMW Wendy O. Koopa
LunaDLL things like SMB3 Lemmy and Wendy, SMB2 Clawgrip, Red Birdo, and Tryclyde, NSMB2 Gold Mario, Silver Luigi, Pink Gold Peach, and Gold Toadette
SMB3 Fake Objects - Enemies that are actually powerups, powerups that are actually enemies, locked keys you open with doors, and more!
Several Hardcoded Graphics, such as stuff for the SpongeBob over Link and the logo for a scrapped "Bowser's Infernal Kingdom" themed version of SMBX
Several SMB3 reshaded SML3: WL enemies
Several Mario Builder NPCs and Blocks
LOADS of SMB3 and SMW recolored custom graphics, most made for Bowser's Infernal Kingdom or Bowser's Trap
Several exciting new graphics like
SMB3 Recolored DBZ Trunks
SMB3 Recolored YI Playable Blue Yoshi
SMB2 Playable Shy Guy
SMB3 Styled SSB Metal Mario Playable
SMB3 Recolored SMW Playable Kamek
SML2 Luigi World Map Players
SMB3 styled NSMBWII spike pillars
SMB3 styled SMS Peach Plane
Enemy-themed fortress backgrounds
A SMB3 revamped NSMB2 Koopa Kids with a SMB3 revamped Clown Copter
Golden Jellyfish that you "catch" with a net (key), turn into jarred jellyfish, and collect as star
A SMB3 Giant Airship map level for your giant world
SMW Robot enemies like Boo and Rocky Wrench
SMW Styled NSMBWII Ludwig Von Koopa
SMB3 Styled PM General Guy
Lots of Boom Boom recolors
High Jumping Boom Boom over SMB3 Bowser
Lots of recolors and projectile variants for High Jump Boom Boom
SMB3 styled SMS Paint Blobs
YI Balloons
SMB3 20-coin silver coin
SMB3 Styled NSMBWII Flag Exit
SMB3 Recolored SMB1 Cannonball Launching Bro
Stompable Blue Hoopster SMB2 and SMB3
SMB3 Bullet Banzai Tank Boss
SMB3 Giant Spiny Boss
SMB3 Styled NSMBU Giant Bowser
Loads of custom SMBX forum user NPCs
SMB3 Smoke and Smog over Piranha Plants
SMB3 Circling Yellow Paratroopa
SMB3 Circling Para-Bones
Several colors of SMB3 Chain Chomps replacing different NPCs
SMB3 Giant Pipe Chomp
A DBZ Kamehameha over Link's sword beam
Batafire Fireballs for the player, recolored for all players
SMB3 DBZ Saiyan Armor powerup
SMB3 Magic Wand powerup
SMB3 Styled SM64 Waterball Bomb
Freezable Rinkas, SM and SMB3
SMB3 Upside Down Venus Piranha
SMB3 Expanded NSMB2 Bone Piranhas
SMB3 Recolored SMW Expanded Pumpkin Piranhas
SMB3 Styled NSMB Dry Bowser Fire over Ripper
SMB3 Colossal Thwomps over Thwomps and Rippers
SMB3 MLSS Popple and Rookie
SMB3 Stompable Red Ninji
SMB3 Holographic Lemmy Koopa
SMB3 Styled SMS Shadow Mario Boss
SMB3 Recolored SMW Giant Blue Beach Koopa
SMB3 Styled NSMBU Nabbit
SMB3 Recolored MLPiT Laser Gun Shroobs
SMB3 Recolored MLPiT Elder Princess Shroob
SMB3 Golden Parabeetle over Swooper
SMB3 Grey Knife Bro
SMB3 Nipper and Ice Nipper over Wart
SMB3 Clown Car Bowser Jr. over Wart
SMB3 Glass Dome Bowser Jr. over Mother Brain
SMB3 Bowser over Wart
SMB3 Bowser with Gun over Wart
SMB3 Demon Bowser and Giant Demon Bowser
SMB3 Giant Dry Bowser
SMB3 Recolored MZM Ridley
SMB3 Recolored YI Styled SPM Count Bleck
SMB3 Styled NSMBU Nabbit's Bag
SMB3 Recolored YI Yoshi
SMB3 Roboshi Boss
SMB3 Roboshi over Black Yoshi
SMB3 Recolored SMW Flying Blue Piranha Boss
SMB1 Perfect Ripped Mario

Smb3 Koopa Troopa
Smb3 Koopa Troopa

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